John is a writer, director and stop motion animator at Skatedog Films.

He has animated for decades using both traditional Film and Digital workflows.

John’s practise uses traditional in-camera and practical effects wherever possible. 

His credits for stage and screen include Mark Arends ‘At The End of Everything Else’, Daisy Campbell’s ‘Cosmic Trigger’, and recently, Skatedog’s debut film  ‘Jolly Girl’, a Hitchcock inspired black comedy stop motion, which has picked up 7 Laurels so far on the Festival Circuit, including Special Recognition from the prestigious Foyle Film Festival.

John is currently working on pre-production for a Hope Lees series based on the fictional town in ‘Jolly Girl’, Hope Lees.


Penny works primarily as an actress, she is a writer, model maker and art designer with Skatedog Films.

All sets, puppet heads, replacement mouths and costumes for ‘Jolly Girl’ were designed and handcrafted by Penny.

Being a voiceover artist, Penny is also useful for providing in-house character vocals.

Currently she is spending her time sculpting multiple heads and mouths for the upcoming Hope Lees series, which has a whole town of characters to be realised.