David is an award winning screenwriter - his recent movie credits include Destination Dewsbury and Clouds - but he also has a number of other feature films in various stages of production and a couple of high profile TV pilots in the works, with a major international production company, both with A-list talent currently attached.


His favourite genres are drama and dramedy... but he has also been known to turn his hand to historical epics, thrillers, sci-fi and horror - he's a lover of film, television and stage and his work is always character-based - his characters are always diverse as he's passionate that his writing must reflect society and all it's complexities.  


David has also turned his hand to writing plays, such as 'Welcome To The Fringe', 'Someone Like You' and the critically acclaimed 5-star reviewed comedic play, 'Past Tents', which he co-wrote with Seth Jones.


A prolific writer, David is happy to write by himself, but he has a particular passion for collaborating with other writers, creatives and film-makers and has written or helped rewrite over 30 screenplays to date.